Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathers day was fun but definitely tough without Mom around.
We bought 3 lobsters.  They were 5 lbs each!!!
 big ass lobsters!!!
 and we bought 5 dozen oysters.
 the female lobsters had roe inside. Mmmm
 grilled everything up
 boiled one
 Had so many oysters leftover we cooked em the next day.  Oyster overload

 This pizza box is funny
 the chef looks chinese!!
 more oysters at the Japanese restaurant by our house
 where I get the sizzling plate fish dinners which Im hoping are healthy.
 unlike this popcorn salt which is probably so bad for you because it tastes so delicious.  Get some if you love movie theater popcorn.  This and coconut oil is the secret recipe for that exact movie theater flavor.
 Went to the farmers market and got these pan fried dumplings.  The lines were soo long I figured they had to be delish.  NOPE!
 Bought this for Amina.  What is it?
 its an enclosed ecosystem with shrimp and algae.  You dont feed them EVER.  kinda scary if you ask me.
 and more books!!!
 so pretty
 so hungry

And what have we been eating at home?
Had a few friends over for dinner.  Started with some chicken liver on rocket.  forgot to take pics before we dived in. 

some bone marrow.  This is always a hit at home and is so cheap to make.

shrimp and grits

and pork neck with kale and brussel sprouts
Still learning how to cook.  Still having loads of fun.  Still getting fat.  CHOW!!!
Mom was a hoarder.  Kidding.  She just had a lot of shit.  We tried to take what we could use, give away some stuff to her friends, and unfortunately throw out the stuff that was going bad.  Oh mom you crazy lady how much food did you need?!?!  Mom was known as an awesome cook.  Her Kimchee was the best.  When we asked her friends if they would take some stuff they all tried to take everything.  We had to ration it out.  Two fridges full of stuff.  The fridge for non stinky things
 the fridge for stinky things
 kimchees. pickles. banchans!!!
 all the grains and stuff
 her kimchee fridge
 full of ripe ass kimchees
 we split this up 4 ways and finished it within a few days
 she had a pantry full of other things including TONS of this... the crispy hard almost burned rice on the bottom of pots.  Dried out completely. 
 you deep fry
 and POOF!!! puffed rice snacks.  Sprinkle with sugar and give to everyone.  So tasty.  I have enough to make so many batches.  Not sure why mom was saving so much of this stuff.  =/
I will learn to make food as good as Mom.  I will learn to make some of her signature dishes.  I will learn to be more like Mom. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

In loving memory of my Mom
I will miss her every day of my life.