Monday, September 24, 2012

Our new favorite happy hour spot... for now.  
Tsunami sushi!  Theres two locations one across from Caltrain on 4th and King and another in umm I dont know what that area is called... the panhandle?  Anyhow its sister restaurants with Nihon Whiskey Lounge so there are some similar dishes.  Foods good and prices are even better!

cucumber seaweed salad

mmm sashimi plate even has two pieces of toro

mars attack!!! fried baby octopus

deep fried something something roll

shishito peppers

some sort of carpaccio or something

Monkfish liver mmmmm served warm and delicious.  Kobe beef nigiri

soba salad

hamachi kama

look at all that whisky

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Its been a busy month and Ive been pretty lazy.  Here are some random pics.

went bowling with the Belshes and Dieckmans.  Had to get the bucket o beer.  Was too cheap to pass up!

Then the very next day our friends Amy and Nakia wanted to go bowling!  WUUUUT so we went to Mission Bowling Club in SF.  Pretty nice!!! 

matchy matchy

The foods pretty good there.  I guess theres a chef that worked at Mission Chinese cooking there.

corn doggies and fried chicken on sticks

then we eat at home.  Amina made this iron skillet roasted mussel dish and we dipped with hot butter.  yumo!

I made some mushroom risotto

squid on rocket salad

lamb chop and parsnip puree

salmon with the risotto and roasted cauliflower.

 Then I tried to make this simple pork terrine with pork belly and ground pork

Its got pork, brandy, garlic, parsley, orange zest, salt, and thyme.

Line the loaf pan with bacon.

after letting the mixture above sit overnight in the fridge you add an egg to bind

fill the loaf pan

hug the meatzilla with the bacon.  **hUgZ**

wrap in foil and bake in a bain marie for a while.  AND!!! it tasted bad.  The amount of orange zest the recipe called for was wayyy too much the entire thing just tastes like meaty oranges.  Anyhow Im going to grind the whole thing back up and add more powerful seasonings and make some sort of stuffing out of it.  Booo on the recipe.  Tastes so bad it doesnt deserve another picture!!!!

The lamb at Arcadia.  Sadly nothing special about it.

same with the tomohawk steak

and this is how we ate the leftovers... as drinking snacks.  HAHAH pass the steak yo.  Quit bogarting.

and as if dinner wasnt heavy enough this was my breakfast

and Aminas

the hotel we stayed at had a bidet.  I unfortunately did not use it.  I did use one in Japan that made me waste so much time it was ridiculous.  

tee hee