Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makin Bacon
Followed the recipe from my Charcuterie book
Bought some pink salt and made my basic cure (Salt, Sugar, Pink Salt)
Rub it in!!! These are three thick hunks of black pig belly
 throw it in the fridge and flip every two days.  Look how much liquid the salt draws out.  7 days total.

after 7 days take out and rinse thoroughly, dry, and smoke
Then bake at 200 degrees until 150 inside
 getting there
 and done!
 slice that shit up and fry!
 mmmm bacon.  I shall be makin my own bacon from now on.  Ciao!

More pics for my brother.

This was the last slab I made.  Salted and in the ziploc!  Cure for 7 days
 get the smoker ready with some hickory
 and rinse off the slab of meat and put it in!!!
 put on medium high heat
 until you see smoke start to come out the crack.  Then close the lid and put on low.
 after about 30 minutes there will be no more smoke.

Thats when you bake that crap at 200 degrees until middle hits 150.  I cut it in two
 cut off the skin and save it for flavoring stock or to fry into cracklins
 cut the odd bits into lardons

pack and give to a friend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The other day I boiled some eggs while getting ready for work. 
 and usually for work I make em hard boiled.  But that day I didnt boil long enough and had a pleasant breakfast at work. 
 Also brought some Korean corn to munch on.  I found out that this is FEED GRADE corn!  and I guess Koreans developed a taste for this crap.  Its sooo chewy.
 My stash of food at work just in case theres a zombie attack and I am stuck here CARBS!
 funny label on bread
 some skrimp we had at Bocadillos.  Overcooked and SALTY but big ass shrimp
 last night we had cioppino.  It was okay
 I tried making bread but all I got was this fucking dense ass rock like thing
 but we still toasted it up and ate it with dinner
 Amina made easter eggs.

Had Heidi and Gloria over for dinner 
Of course we had to have foie again.  With pickled red onions and onion/apricot thingie

Then we had a scallop on spanish rice 

and octopus over white beans

and no one took a picture of the main.  OH WELL!!!
just imagine salmon and a brown butter sauce

and then for dessert we did the microwaved cakes... but they turned out ALL WRONG!!!

 filled the cups.

 They tasted terrible.  AHAHHA!!!  Ill try again some other day.

Lets just pretend it looked and tasted like this.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My new toy.  I LOVE IT
Its called the Chicken Bucket made by Wear-Ever
 Its a pressure fryer made just to fry chicken!  Heat up the oil to 350 degrees
 dip your chicken in egg/milk wash and then seasoned flour.  No need to brine!
 throw the pieces into the pot
 throw the lid on and seal it completely
 after 12 minutes vent the pressure and open the lid
 perfectly cooked fried chicken.
Review:  KFC pressure fries their chicken at 15psi.  That enables them to take chicken, throw it in seasoned flour and the pressure pushes all that fllavor deep into the meat.  This thing only fries at 5psi.  Even without brining or marinating the seasonings do penetrate the meat but just not as deep as KFC.  Its damned good fried chicken made in 12 minutes.  How can you beat that?!?!  and somehow pressure frying prevents the chicken from soaking up oil!  Healthier fried chicken?!  You betcha!!!  One of my most happiest purchases ever.  These were discontinued in the 80s due to the health fads but you can still find them online at Ebay!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More books more books!!!


and some ring molds/cutters to plate shit up with.  Yeah I know total wannabe