Friday, March 7, 2014

Does the dining room look better with the outdated chairs?  

Or these more mid century modern chairs?  Hmmm.... New chairs look clean.

our appliance pantry

My new toy

this immersion circulator has a timer which is GREAT!!!!!

Mary got me a ton of beers for my birthday!!!  These are all big bottles and delicious

My cookbook library and recliner.  Love the new house.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  

 I scooped a bit of beet salad onto my plate and it almost looked like some stupid fancy plate at a restauraant.

Wow Its been ages since I updated this blog.  I am still cooking just have been busy moving and unpacking.  Will write more later.  Heres my deconstructed breakfast sammy.  Its a 64 degree egg yolk perched on top of a sausage wrapped pork tenderloin.  Theres some english muffin croutons, crispy chicken skin, and a prune wine sauce.  HA!!!!