Thursday, September 4, 2014

My newest toy.  Lovin it.  The bags are so much cheaper than the regular vacuum sealers.  I figure oh after about 2000 uses it will all even out.  I better start vacuum packing EVERYTHING.

I have been compressing so much melon but to be honest I dont really care for the difference.  I think it will be much more fun to infuse these melon pieces with vodka.  Yum.  

Still love this picture of me smoking some steak at the Le Diner A San Francisco we went to a few years back.  Look at Aminas huge bottom lip!

I done did it.  I bought the El Bulli book set.  My collection is growing and I love it!@!!@@!

Check out these eggs yo!

More dinner parties.

I made dinner for my Dads birthday.  We decided to go fancy and have a 5 course meal.  

1.  Pork belly with kimchee dashi foam and variety of carrots

beat salad with blood orange powder

butter poached lobster with lobster infused mashed potatoes

grilled ribeye with onion sauce
forgot to take pics of the dessert but it was just home made ice cream sandwiches from scratch

We also had Rios family over a while back and she took some artsy pictures of some of the tapas.  I love these pics!  They make the food look better than they tasted ha!

Its been a while!  Busy with new baby but still been cooking.  Here are some more pics!

Check out my fried chicken!!! its almost where I want it.  a little more tweaking on the recipe and it will be perfect! 

Home made bacon looks so good!