Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Porky goodness

Delfinas Pork Sugo 
Attempt 1.0

Some pork butt and spareribs

Cut down the veggies and cut the pork into manageable sizes

heavy bottom pot

getting close to overcrowding!!!

but the meat browned nicely

remove the pork and then cook all the veggies and herbs and deglaze with wine

Reduce by half and then add the meat back along with other crap

in the oven for two hours and then the fridge overnight!!!!
 Day 2 warm up the pot

remove the meat.  It was so tender I kept breaking everything up

blend the veggies and stock, reduce until thick

add the broken up pork back in and simmer for a little while

and stupid david forgets to take pictures of the final pappardelle dish.
but you fry this in some butter and then add your noodles to finish cooking in the sauce.

Pretty good but I think I didnt reduce enough.  Will try again someday when I have two days to kill.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Got our first shipment of pork products.  Thanks Sue and Matt!!!
Two more months to come!!!

Had a craving for pickles.  I ate 4 of these while making dinner.

Made korean spicy chicken stew.  Trying a sample before feeding the Amina bear

Loaded up the tray and took it into the office/spare bedroom

Because Amina was glued to the computer watching 'Revenge' 

next mornin made breakfast

Its been a while since I had a whitey breakfast

be super careful when deep frying brussel sprouts!!!  
these were delicious and crunchy.  A little burnt but still tasty!

What kinda skewers are those?
Chicken skin!!!  They were so good.

Also had chicken gizzard and heart skewers which were also tasty mmm

Say hello to our new family member!!!

We named her Zoila.  Shes not lazy.

YAY FOR SALES!!! we just bought this...

Which is 2 in 1

 It was the last one in stock and had a chip... so we got an extra 25% off!

and after three coats of Aminas 'Slutty Red' colored enamel nail polish all better!!!!

Now the big pots have cousins!!!

I dont understand Hong Kong style restaurants. 
I got the fried fish with a spaghetti side.
I think thats just ketchup on there.

Amina got the onion pork chop thing which was pretty good.  
Looks like a hawaiin dish.

Our buddy Les got the XO sauce chicken. 
I think thats spaghetti noodles.

At any rate I do not understand you Hong Kong!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian stuff

I tried making my own korean pickle banchan.  It was okay.

 My mom gave me big ol container of her new batch of kimchee.  
Its sooo good.  We need to start mama Lee's kimchee co.

I made some mabo tofu 

 and we did the 3 items for $19.99 again from Golden Wok in SF.  Its not great but its pretty good!
Mongo beef and eggplant dish

 Along with my mabo tofu and a deep fried flounder dish

Eat it with leftover green onion pancake and my home made kimchees

makes for a fatty ass meal 

I always try and make Asian stuff.  Amina likes to make more Euro dishes.

 SF is pretty Asian.... 
this old train passed by... then he stopped and asked if I wanted a ride.
I said SURE!

 I was the only one on the train!!!  fun!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why I love the Chinese

I think Quickly is going a new direction with their ads. 
Suddenly I want some Quickly!!!

What exactly did she eat??

I love flirting with fresh milk... I wink at mine

Mango pudding girl is hot for puddin

I bought a vietnamese sandwich from there for 3 dollars.  Ill tell you what it wasnt bad
I will be back for 99cent milk teas and vietnamese sandwiches.

korean burrito... aka ummm korean burrito

Finally tried one.  Was pretty good!

Kimbap was pretty good but a little too sweet

Anyhow heres the burrito.  It had lightly cooked kimchi and bulgogi and kimchee fried rice and cheese and shit
pretty good!  Will try again!

Unfortunately they are a tiny ass shop and they dont have a bathroom so no pic of toilet.