Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Cookin!  They say that the average mother rotates through an average of 9 different recipes for dinner.  Im hoping we have a little more variety.  Here are some of this mother fucking awesome guys recent meals.

Meal 1.  Some scallops and salad.  These are -u15 scallops.  Cant seem to find any U-10s around for anymore.

served with some hamachi tataki.  Ribbons of shiso leaves and truffle powder and ikura

and shishito peppers topped bonito flakes and roasted sauteed king mushrooms.  Yummy sorta Japanese meal.

Meal 2.  Then we do light tapas type dinner with smoked steelhead trout with a pickled beet salad.  Some oysters in the pic background- shitty pic

duck duck chicken?- duck rillette, duck cracklins, and 65 degree egg with a duck gravy .  Looks like ass.

artichoke and aiolli- I used mini muffin cups for the aoilli! ha!

we bought escargot from whole foods.  I didnt really like them.  Too mushy.

Meal 3.  Home made lamb merguez snausages with a pasta carbonara

iron skillet mussels.  These are are just seasoned with salt and LOTS of pepper.  Very simple very good.

meal 4.  porkchops marsala and grits

meal 5.  chicken marsala?  We love our marsala!   Is this the first rotation??  Sort of I guess... They are both marsala

meal 6.  lamb chops with chard

Meal 7.  Vietnamese Bun with lemongrass pork

Lots of veggies hidden under there.  Healthy!

Meal 8.  Thai boat noodles from scratch.  Made the broth with the pressure cooker.  Next time I make pho and Ill take pics.

with home made fish cakes- take white fish and puree in a food processor with thai chili paste.  pan fry and serve with sweet chili dipping suace.

Meal 9.  Warm seafood salad with seared scallops and jumbo shrimp.   Oh no scallops and salad again?  Hell yes.  Its healthy and delicious.  You should try it. 

Meal 10.   lamb boorger with brioche bun mmmm.  We dun made some nice burgers at home.  The key to a gourmet burger is the brioche bun.  Make sure u toast that bitch up nicely.

Meal 10.  Seafood stew.  Was not that great because I tried to keep it super duper healthy and loaded it with tons of veggies.  Next time no veggies hahaha!!!

Meal 11.  Fried ahi fish tacos

Meal 12.  Ochazuke.  I had a stomach ache yesterday so I decided some warm soupy stuff would be good.  Its just broth and rice and fixings.

Meal 13.  and a big ass bowl of Yukejang.  Korean spicy beef soup.  Love this shit.  Can eat it for days.  Actually I made so much that we did eat it for days.  

Anyhow we have a few more things we rotate through.  Steak night, fried chicken night, etc... but I think these up above are easy to make and will probably be rotated through quite a bit at home.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New toy = delicious meal!
Get the kitchenaid ready with the meat grinder attachment

soak some hog casings

5 pounds of pork shoulder 

grind that shit up!!! and then take your seasonings

taste your farce to make sure its got enough seasoning

 Heres my new toy.  5lb sausage stuffer

as you can see it takes 5lbs of meat quite well.

crank it til the plunger is set on top of the meat

roll on the casing

like a baggy ass condom
 squeeze that shit out!!!


dont overstuff!  It will make it harder to roll the links.  But dont understuff.  This is a little understuffed.

roll out your links

yeah!  oh and poke out air bubbles with a pin

taste test a few sausages

let the sausages sit in the fridge overnight.  The seasonings will marry with the meat better. 
Then make a declious snausage meal with some mushrooms, peppers, and cheesy grits.
I didnt even make a penis joke the entire post!!!  arent you proud of me?!?!