Friday, August 31, 2012

Other night I was still hungry after a full dinner... so I made myself some dessert.

 Whats this special package?

YAY!!!! dont worry Amina they are not for me.  Theyre a gift.

What am I cooking up today you ask?

BRAINNNNNSS!!!  no im kidding its sweetbreads.  Sous vide for an hour at 67 degrees... Season and finish them off in a pan and serve with some delicious sauce.  Took a pic because they looked like brains. 

and while the immersion circulator is out cook-chill some lamb chops for Sundays dinner.  
Cook-Chill= cooking the product and then chilling it quickly in an ice bath and then storing either in the fridge or freezer.  Since it stays vacuum packed air never hits it and it tastes just as good tomorrow, next day, day after that.  Just sear it in the pan and serve it with no appreciable loss in quality or flavor.  Thats the beauty of sous vide cooking for busy professionals.  Make a weeks worth of protein and store in the freezer or fridge. BAM!!!!

Had some salmon the other night.  Love salmon.  My stupid foam didnt hold up.  Needed more soy lecithin.

This looks like a flag.  It should be the flag for Hungary.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Now this is how you do HOT POT!
Aint no joke.  Suz and Drew are professionals so do not try this at home... okay you can try. 
This is our half of the table.  Yeah HALF!

started off with some delicious beef tongue.  mmmmm

three different kinds of meat!!!  even some Kobe for ms Bryant.

the entire table

my delicious sauces

and what do professionals do after they are done with meat and veggies?

flavor the broth and make a nice ramen.  HEAVENLY!!!!  Thanks Drew and Suz.

Our $600 dollar dinner at COI.  Puff cracker thing with avacado puree

house made tofu

spot prawn with compressed watermelon and cucumber and things

 I dont remember what these were... but they were lovely and delicious!!!

 eggplant and ummm some other stuff soup.  I am terrible with these things.

swirl it once! no more just once!!!!  I did it TWICE!!! shame on me!


sous vide lamb.  was delicious.



peaches and cream

white chocolate pana cotta was yumo!

candied raspberries

I had some beer from Alsace

bathroom was clean.

Cindys sister and brother in law were down here visiting.  I went drinking with them one night and in my drunken stupor promised to make them dinner! HA!!!  So I did and umm Alfie is vegan so here goes.

Happy couple

Deep fried oyster mushrooms

garlic eggplant

 agedashi tofu

zucchini fritter on top of curry

eggplant lollis again

potato croquette

Alfie said dinner was a knock out!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gorgeous food at SPQR.  Duck liver mousse

chicken liver mousse in a jar

fried zucchini blossoms

veal tongue pastrami

marrow and sweatbreads

smoked fetucini with uni sauce

I dont remember what this one was but it was delicious.  I think it was a duck sauce and I cant remember what those mini ravioli things are called.

rabbit and pasta

veal dish

ribeye dish


Chef let me take a sneak peak at his book coming out in mid October.  Awesome!!! cant wait to get my copy in the mail.