Tuesday, January 31, 2012

f yeah!!!

Got a package

so nicely packed!!!

Seriously a box within a box and then this crazy protective center

 I guess it has be packed nicely.  52 pounds!!!!!  $500retail price!

Its a HUGE set

comes with an autographed card

thats an 8.5x11 piece of paper on the top of the case!

Comes with a kitchen manual 

with every recipe!

  made entirely of PLASTIC!!!!  kinda feels like canadian money

too big to fit in our cookbook cabinet

hahah these books seem so outdated now

this ones too big for the cabinet too

and this one is nice too

look how much bigger it is!


for some reason it doesnt look so big in the pics

anyhew pretty books

I use these the most.  I love the Bay Books cookbooks


Amina made shrimp and clams in a thai sauce yummmmm

I made some bokchoy stuff

next day spaghetti and homemade meatballs

and salad

and cookies

and we ate oysters at the San Francisco Westfield mall!!!!  They werent bad at all!

and we went to Tomales Bay Oyster Co. and saw all these jellyfish on the shore!!!

and we grilled up a bunch of weird stuff with our oysters

and then we went out to eat a few days later. Is sooo dark

I think this was the pork belly sandwich and tiny chips!!

 and some coca flat bread with spicy sausage

 and churros with chocolate

 and clean bathroom

I dont think I posted these.  They are shitty pictures of mediocre food.  That is all
Some sort of scallop shrimp stir fry thing

I cant even tell or remember what this was


All three for $19.99 man Im like a commercial for this stupid restaurant.

and got a snack from the salad bar at the Rincon corner market.  Seemed healthy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Embarcadero eats.
Tried another place for Pho.  This one is no bueno.  
Why cant there be a good pho place around work!?

Went again to try their other goodies.  Vietnamese sandwich also no bueno.  BLAND

Jook.  This was good.  I will definitely go back for jook.  

Chow fun.  NG=No Good

split this meal with cindy who also agreed it was no bueno except for the jook.
restaurants called Hong Kee or something.  honkie!!!

I have to label my lunches before throwing them into the fridge at work.  
People might steal it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Had dinner at moms.  Rice cake and dumpling soup for new years

I love how she makes the egg whites and yolks seperate to garnish the soup

Korean braised shortrib

spicy pork

next morning I ate the leftovers I stole from moms supplemented with some kimchee soup i made

For dinner we had STEAK f YEAH!

and a picture of awesome before I ruin your appetite....

with a picture of gross.  Aminas hair clogged the belt on the vacuum.  

and Ive been having a secret online love affair with Marja