Friday, May 18, 2012

Amina made veal marsala again.  One of my favorite meals!!!
 burger night at home is also one of my faves!!!
and salami sandwiches!!!
 and vietnamese food at home!!!!  YAY!!@!!@ 
and for mothers day we did pork belly again!!!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Went to dinner with the wifey

Campton Place restaurant
I liked it!



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bought some new stuff! hahah! 
 making snausages at home
 tried the new doritos locos taco its good but really dont taste the doritos much =/
 went to moms and had bibimbop!  love you mom!
 ate some salmon and roasted cauliflower
 made my own healthy banchan
 then we had cheung hing for dinner yesterday  i had the duck
 amina had the chow fun.  I feel like Cheung Hing is going down hill =(

These are really shitty pictures hahaha!!!!

so Amy came over the other day and we were gonna go out to the Mission and find a place to sip some beer and eat some snacks.  We ended up staying in and snacking on the most unhealthy crap ever!!! ha!

I made pork buns with pickled onions
 look at these cute tiny avocados!  
 finally finished the smoked salmon
 and buta kakuni with mustard mmmm
 and the already eaten bone marrow ha!!!
 pot stickers, pickled veggies
 finally finished the foie!!!
 and um overcooked foie =(
 and yeah more bacon
 and we finished with home made ramen... not from a pack Im talking home made!!!

Howd we make ramen?  Followed the momofuku recipe.
simmer kombu and shitakes in a buttload of water
 add the chicken to the water and simmer for an hour
 then the browned pork bones for 6 hours!
 and store in the fridge until ready
 look how much collagen came out of the meat and bones.  This is from the fridge into the pot
 pork belly 4 minute egg and bamboo and other fixins
 boil the soup and noodles
 serve that ish up!!!
 serve with pickled stuff.  The shitakes can be pickled after they are used to flavor the broth.
Ramen for days!!!  In fact maybe a little too much ramen for me.  I cant eat it for 3 or 4 days straight without getting sick of it =(