Monday, November 19, 2012

Off topic - glass blowing
I went with my sister in law to a 4 hour intro to glass blowing class.  I was pretty excited.  I wanted to make a big ass wine glass or huge beer mug.  Yeah that would be awesome.   

First we gotta eat!  Made sister meal with chicken and salmon.  Forgot to take pics of the salmon.  Oh well.  I finally used the meat glue and glued up chicken thigh meat into a log and attached the skin back onto it.  Then I sous vide and pan seared the log.  Also served it with crispy skin and mashed taters.  Was good!!!  I thought I was being clever with the meat glue until my sister said "oh chicken sausage!"  yeah I coulda just made a sausage instead of going through all that effort hahaha!  Oh well it was fun.

Got to the school and saw some sample glasswork.  This here is a BONG!!!!  FANCY SHIT!

This crazy hornet is also a pipe!!!  Talk about freaking cool.  

Look at all these cool little ashtrays and pitchers and shhh the bong underneath.  There were LOTS Of bongs there.  I guess the school specializes in BONGS!!!!

 anyhow heres our instructor demo'ing some stuff.

heres my sister in law Bon Bon

and here I am!  With my swizzle sticks!!!!  when do we get to make a big ass wine glass???
What????  level 6 class??? HA!!!!! 

but we made some fun shit.  We got to blow a christmas ornament.

and make paperweight squirtles.

and here are my stirrers

with colorful handles

and I made one with a spoon at the end for better stirring.

One day Ill blow a beer challis.  One day.
The End

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