Thursday, June 13, 2013

New toy = delicious meal!
Get the kitchenaid ready with the meat grinder attachment

soak some hog casings

5 pounds of pork shoulder 

grind that shit up!!! and then take your seasonings

taste your farce to make sure its got enough seasoning

 Heres my new toy.  5lb sausage stuffer

as you can see it takes 5lbs of meat quite well.

crank it til the plunger is set on top of the meat

roll on the casing

like a baggy ass condom
 squeeze that shit out!!!


dont overstuff!  It will make it harder to roll the links.  But dont understuff.  This is a little understuffed.

roll out your links

yeah!  oh and poke out air bubbles with a pin

taste test a few sausages

let the sausages sit in the fridge overnight.  The seasonings will marry with the meat better. 
Then make a declious snausage meal with some mushrooms, peppers, and cheesy grits.
I didnt even make a penis joke the entire post!!!  arent you proud of me?!?!  

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