Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Incanto's spread.  Offaly declicious!!!  a delicious terrine of innards!

Sweetbreads and liver

Shaved tuna heart on top pasta

mo liver and duck 

savoy cabbage and bacon

lamb and lamb sausage

Food was great!!!  The sauces were finger licking good.  Its so cool when seeing a celebrity chef in real life.  Also was seated two tables away from Harold McGee who I got to meet the other month at SF Cooking School.  I probably should have left him alone as he dined but I annoyingly said hello again.

On a side note... did you know Nissin makes MICROWAVEABLE udon noodles in the freezer section??  Hell yes these things are so convenient.  Warm noodles not soggy at all in about a minute straight from the freezer!  How rad!

and what do you do with a mcdonalds cheeseburger?  uhh add egg duhhh.  needs onions

And what the fuck does this mean??? Dare not to dream!!!

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