Monday, March 11, 2013

Practice Practice Practice!!!!
I need to get my recipes down!!!

We had dinner with Gabe and Ceci

home cured salmon chopped up

smoker gun filled with alder wood

smoke that shit!

peel and slice an avocado into thin strips

place on sushi mat and fan out

season that shit!

fill it with your smoked salmon bits

gather up the saran wrap and make a tidy roll

shape with the bamboo

I made two of these logs one for each couple

prep your mise en place
 chop chop chop
 prep everything!!!
 confit garlic.  Use the solids in the dishes and use the oil for a great hint of garlic without the punch

pressure cook your octopus

 Sous vide your lamb chops

 and then cool down and put in the fridge until needed.

more prep work!!! Prep everything so there isnt a huge gap between courses when you serve dinner.

basil flowers are yummy

going molecular tonight!!!   Going to make a foam.

 and dinner is served.  (click pics to make bigger) 
Salmon rolled in avacado with a dashi foam. 

foie with an apricot jelly and brioche

baby octopus on beans with parsley oil

lamb chop with brussel sprouts and squash herb puree 

 Notes for myself: dont cook octopus for as long in the pressure cooker.  Got too soft.  More seasoning on the beans.  Dont use the parsley oil until right before plating otherwise you end up with green goo on the sides.  Need a better sauce for the lamb.  Cook foie less.  Increase salmon to avocado ratio and add a yuzu jelly to each roll.  More FOAM!!!!

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