Monday, April 15, 2013

Eating out.  Here are some crazy plated dishes from Atelier Crenn.  This is a corn silk nest with little eggs inside.  Obviously not real eggs but pearls made of something I cant remember hahaha

and the dessert dish plated with a tree.  Dont try to eat the tree.  

and our mignardes.  I dont know why I didnt take any pictures of the savory dishes but they were all very elegantly plated.

we finally tried mandarin islamic in the outer sunset.  Was okay.

tofu and green beans

beef pancake

and then theres piperade.  Was pleasantly surprised by this place.  The food was pretty good!  I think its Basque cuisine.  

love love love cuttlefish

and lamb.  you get a whole freaking rack

and duck breast.  yum o!  

then we went to an italian place La Ciccia and it was too dark for pictures. 

so I wont really even get into it.

food was pretty decent

but nothing blew us away.

but we did eat a LOT

cuz thats what we do.  Fatties.

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