Friday, April 12, 2013

it appears I havent updated my blog in quite some time!
I dont have much right now except some random pictures.

Prepping some veggies

and deep frying home made rice puffs.  

halibut and salmon

I re-used a conserva tin to serve up abalone.  

seared salmon with gai lan and a tofu based dashi sauce

halibut with brown butter and brussel sprouts and home made pressure cooked tomato sauce

those rice puffs with a shrimp and squid ceviche

when you want seafood you get seafood!!!

Shrimp and grits

made a pate de campagne and also discovered there are edible flowers in my front yard!!!  I am totally gonna start foraging for shit around SF.

more edible flowers from our basil plant.

been doing a lot of Bun at home.  So easy and tasty!

and just discovered we have these bowls at home.  Perfect for chawan mushi!  topped with trout row

and served alongside smoked salmon ochazuke!

more fried chicken!!!

and steak I cant get enough of these stupid lobster tails!!!

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