Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almost instant ramen for Mary.  Take your shitakes and kombu

and your leftover chicken carcasse.  I used the meat to make fried chicken mmmm.

and leftover pork bone that I roasted in the toaster oven.  The rest of the pork I used for sausages!

cook that shit

this is the beauty of pressure cooking.  Look at this bone

how it crumbles.  Every bit of flavor is now in the stock

strain the broth and add your veggies, carrots, onions, green onions

strain again and add your soy sake and mirin mixture if you want shoyu ramen

let it reduce if you want super tasty thick broth and make sure you season with salt and pepper

I am cheap so I pick the meat off the bones and save it.

buy some shitty ramen noodles from the market and BAM almost instant ramen.  I added some of the meat, a 5 minute boiled egg, sprouts, and green onions.  Oh and some bamboo.

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