Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cooking at home
Amina made braised short rib again.  Love this stuff.  Need mo sauce amina!

hamachi tataki

warm seafood salad

flank steak with baby zucchini and beans

thai basil beef

korean food night with scratch made soondoobu

oxtail soup.  Dont make your oxtail soup in a pressure cooker.  The broth never turns milky white. =(

take a whole chicken and simmer with pandanas leaves and tons of ginger and garlic

to make thai style hainan chicken rice

we bought some whole trout and baked them

was easier to eat than we thought!  mild tasty flesh and not a whole lot of bones once you rip out the center bones.  yum!

I stacked my cookbooks so it looks neater.

need to stack these in the corner as well.  Eeks too many books!!!

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