Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eating at home with the piggies

Had the entire week off.  Made lots of food.  Mary, Diane, Sue, and Matt stayed with us one night.  It was so much fun.  We ate prime rib

And as we sat around drinking we got hungry again so we made soup dumplings

They taste very good for store bought.  We pigged out on fried rice and cheese and conservas but I did not take pictures.  Just know that we are fucking pigs. 

Hot Pot night just me and Amoyna

Sitting at the coffee table watching TV!!!  We watched the entire first season of American Horror Story and two seasons of the Walking Dead-  not really good shows to watch while eating.  

Then we had Les over.  Les is normally a Vegan but he said F it its the holidays so we had potato soup...

...and duck confit

and some local Livermore wine

We had more friends over and I decided to make a gangload of fried chicken.

I had to cook the chicken in 6 batches


after 3 batches of just legs and wings

Needed to eat stuff that wasny so oily so Amino and I had korean chicken soup

stuffed with garlic and sweet rice.  Mmmm kimchee.

and I was craving seafood so we had a seafood fest

with baby ocotopus

and oysters

shrimp peelers

deep fried fish

and tuna poke

and Ameena makes dinner!!!!

Kindle fire is perfect for looking at recipes and shit

I was in charge of the polenta

Veal scallopini.  So yummmy.  Amoyna needs to cook more often.  

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