Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eating Out

Amina finally took me to the Old Port Lobster Shack

 Where a lobster roll will run you 19 bucks each... or you can do what we did and get the double for 35 bucks.  I am not really a fan of lobster rolls.  Too bland. 

Then we went to Saison.  Heres a shitty picture of the nights menu for the shitty blog.

Chef Skenes caught me taking a picture of the kitchen which I guess is somewhat frowned upon.
So instead of taking pictures of the food...
 ... I took pictures of the bathroom

Bathroom was clean and heated.  
The food was GOOD but the portions were so damned small.
Be ready to pay up the butt to eat here.  $198 + $100 for wine pairing + tax and tip will run you $380 per person.  
I'd rather eat at Danko and be ridiculously full for half the price.

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