Friday, January 6, 2012

okay figured it out

This is for Cindy so she can eat the rest of the sugo

big ol pat of butter and chili flakes.  fry for a few seconds

Add the Sugo.  dont touch it just pour it in and let it fry.  You will smell some browning which means mo flava

When its fried about 2 to 3 minutes add the pasta

stir that shit up and add parsley if u want.  If it starts to dry out add pasta water.


It should be saucy, it should be buttery, and it should be delish
No more posts from me about Sugo.  I dont really even care for it much.  hahaha

Bought Soondooboo from John's Deli and Snacks

Its too thin and lacks real flavor.  

But if you recall from a previous post their Kimchee Burrito is GOOD!

anyways we had Bun at home

and I added color changing lights to give our front door a strange glow.

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