Thursday, April 5, 2012

making shit at home
Making some pancetta... cured pork belly with pink salt, salt, garlic, bay leaves, and pepper
 After firm rinse thoroughly, cut off the skin, trim into a rectangle, and roll it up tightly
 i didnt take pics in between because my hands were slimy with pork fat
 I did a shitty ass job rolling it up and tying it up.  I need to learn a few knots!!!
Hung it here! hahahah.  We shall see how it turns out after a week of drying.
Hope I dont die from some crazy bacterial growth.
I saved the pork rind.  maybe fry that ish up!

then I took some salmon and cured it with salt and sugar for 12 hours
 time to cold smoke
You light the wood chips with a torch and theres ice cubes inside the smoker to keep everything cold.
we are cold smoking just for flavor not to cook.
 light it up and seal it up and let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then repeat.
 These were small fillets and thin so it didnt take long.  And we are done! smoked salmon for your bagels.
 Also marinated our own salmon eggs.  Soy, mirin, and sake.  Much better than store bought.

and the fatty widowmaker.  Foie...
 soak in milk overnight.  You need more milk than this... I pushed it down into the milk but didnt take a pic
 afterward clean out the veins!  there are a bunch so do your best!
 I really mangled the lobes.  Sigh... but no matter!  sprinkle on your mix of salt, sugar, pink salt, and sauterne and let it marinate overnight.

Aftter its cured overnight roll that ish up in some cheesecloth
 I forgot to take a pic of me simmering it for 90 seconds.  This is to melt it back into one whole log
Then immediately ice bath for a while until its all cooled
 wrap in a kitchen towel, roll tightly enough that extra fat oozes out (that kitchen towel started off white) and hang in the fridge overnight.  I couldnt really hang it anywhere so i sorta strung it to the top of the soy sauce can hahah!!! I would imagine this is to help keep its shape and also to prevent any sides from pooling anything... so in this case good enough for me!
 I left some of the foie out of the torchon.
 I pressed it through a fine mesh and mixed it all up.  Then stuck it into my favorite jar.
 So much crap to eat now!
 My foie terrine and torchon.  Dont mind the containers of spam soup (yes spam soup)
 Smoked salmon, salmon eggies, home made bacon.  Mmmmm.  Now how do I serve all this shit?
I think I'll be using the ingredients for a nice dinner tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pics.

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