Monday, April 9, 2012

So how did dinner go?  Salmon wasnt smokey enough.  outside had good smoke flavor but the inside was just salmony =(
 but the foie terrine was magnificent!!!
 unwrapping the torchon
 cheesecloth layer
 vacuum pack it until needed.  Its not so pretty now!
 take the salmon with us too
and we head over to Chez Susan, cut up some salmon and munch
 sear up some foie.  Perfect sear!
 serve two ways!!! with a slice of torchon.  It was heavenly
 sous vide egg and frisee salad with house made bacon
 duck breast and risotto
 hand made pasta ala Andrew
 Happy birthday Drew!
 Drew was on the cooking channel for a segment on La Mar!
 and his kitchen that we cooked in.  Fun fun fun!!!

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