Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The best sandwiches near work are from the Rincon market.  No fancy meats or crazy fillings... just a clean sandwich with the essentials.  BIG ASS SANDWICH or small ass hands?  probably both.
 Is Carbonara a suitable breakfast?  Its got eggs and bacon so YES.
 We did weird Japanese night again. 
 Then the next night we got invited to Andrew and Suz's for BBQ dinner.  yum-O
 we brought a variety of these things for dessert.  they were awesome but not $3something each awesome!  Jesus we coulda bought 20 McDoubles for the price of 6 of these badboys.  Thats how I measure value.  Gas is 4 McDoubles a gallon.
 THEN we get invited over for steak dinner at Joes!!!  SuperJoe starting his bbq with a freaking flamethrower.  How manly is that?!?!  Too many for this shitty blog.
 We had smoked steak with a foie topper.
 Amina went nuts and took foie topped steak and topped it with marrow.  Jebus thats decadent. 

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