Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is a miniature we saw at a local Pho restaurant.  It was really well done!  It looks real!  Real good.

So Susan and Andrew had us over again for a BBQ/Picnic.  Everyone brought something.  I brought my chicken bucket. 

pressure fried chicken 

cant go wrong with that!  

It turned out to be a very beautiful sunny day.  HOT HOT HOT!!!

Then the next day we did family dinner in San Jose.  Yup more BBQ!!!  BBQ overload this past weekend.

Nyla says hi!!!

and after making three of these DIY sous vide machines....

I finally graduated to a professional one.  My new Haake E2 immersion circulator.  

Its strong.  Maybe too strong.  The water circulating makes a lot of noise.  Not just in this tiny pot but even in big tubs.  I aint complaining!

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