Monday, July 16, 2012

Dinner at home is always fun when you try to be a little fancy.  Frozen shaved foie.  I took the leftover chunk of torchon out of the freezer and tried to slice myself a really thin piece to eat and it came out shaved.  Said F it and shaved some more to serve at dinner.  Happy mistakes.  Kinda like my first child.

Deep fried cheese polenta cake.  Man I really do take shitty pictures.  Oh well.  Its a polenta cake with mushrooms on top and gravy underneath.

squid and beans.  this one was dry and not so tasty.  someone help me make a good squid and beans dish

 the main was a cured and smoked pork tenderloin served with a slice of cranberry jelly ha!  take that thanksgiving.  It came out pretty good.  I was aiming at something ham like in flavor and it was close.  Tenderloin was cured in salt/sugar/pink salt for a few hours and then smoked in the stovetop smoker before being cooked sous vide for 3 hours.  Came out tasty and tender.

We finished with salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite.  Shit was way too airy and not dense enough.  As soon as it hit the room temp bowl it melted.  I think they are chincing it at Bi-Rite.  A holes.

got new tires on the motorscooter!  halfway there.

and done!

My moms soy pickles.  They look so gross and phallic in the tub.  Its such a bittersweet thing to eat whats left of her food.  I miss my mom.

and the other night we had uni custard at lot7 restaurant.  It was good so I am posting a pic.  Topped with uni, ikura, some sort of tobiko and some sort of caviar caviar.  Yum-O and out of focus is how I do things on this site!

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