Thursday, October 11, 2012

Drew and Suz have us over for dinner!!! YESS!!!!  Start off with some brussel sprout chips.  Soo tasty.

some fried shishito peppers mmmm....

some fried halloumi cheese.  My god this was the first time I had this and I am hooked.

some merguez

served with lentils and bread crumbs.  This was deliciouso

and for the main braised beef.  Was soooo tender and delicious.  Thanks Suz and Drew!!!

and some random pics.  My funny niece hamming it up after she put on lipstick.  
Notice its all around her lips too hahah!!  too cute

opened the door to a room at work and scared myself for a few seconds.

How you should put your shirts away!

 It was late at night... I was tipsy and there was ground beef in the fridge.  I made this in 10 minutes and we finished it within 4.  Faster than getting fast food and so much more tasty

roasting peppers.  was so colorful I had to take a picture!

bought a 7lb pork butt and ended up making some sort of SouthEast Asian noodle soup with it.
to my surprise it was pretty good.  Amina had two bowls!!!

some pork sausage and kale we had the other night.

We went to La Folie again the other weekend.  took a picture of our mains but nothing else for some reason.

was pretty good.  Rabbit above, duck below.  

I was too full so I took the leftovers home... and then to work HA!!!!


and even the duck!!! after I added a leftover piece of lamb

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