Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We went to Le Diner a San Francisco.  Was fun.  Probably nowhere close to the fun the real Diner En Blanc is but fun.  Was freaking cold though and that kinda blew.  Here are shitty pics.  We sucked and brought candles and the wind blew them out so no real lights for us!  So I guess it was cold and windy and dark.  

Kinda ambitious doing a 6 course menu with no real stove =/

but I had my torch!!! and I used it for almost everything.  toasting some sesame seeds on the shrimp lollis.

butter poached shrimp lollis with aoili, ankimo lollis with a ponzu gelee, home smoked salmon and cream cheese lollis, duck liver mouse ball lollis coated in nuts.

second course was foie gras served two ways.  Here I am searing the pieces.  
Turned out great with the torch!  Didnt take a pic of the plate.  It was too dark and we forgot.

shitty pics with flash.  mini lobster roll seved with mini potato chips made from assorted small potatoes.  

searing the steak!

and smoking it in a plastic bag with my smoke gun.  I love this picture look at aminas big ole bottom lip.

served ugly.  I couldnt see anything!!! it was cold and windy out!!!

and the final dish was ochazuke.  Brilliant ending to a cold night.  We held the broth in thermoses and they stayed nice and hot for hours!!!  Everyone agreed this was the best dish of the night.

Then fatty us went to Chotto to get out of the wind and ate a small bowl of ramen.

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