Thursday, January 3, 2013

So I bought an awesome Takoyaki pan.

trying it for the first time.  Made some batter.  Measuring cup fell in right as I was taking the picture.  ughhh.. Anyhow I transferred some batter into a squeeze bottle.

preheat the pan.

and heres what I TRIED to make.  Foie-yaki balls.  Chunks of foie and green onions

test batch.  Squirt some batter into the pan.  Add some foie and green onions

Wait until it sets up a bit and then rotate 90 degrees.

I suck at taking progress pictures.  Anyhow its pretty amazing how forgiving these balls are to make.  Not very pretty but not bad for first try!

...and they suck.  The foie gets gets cooked so long that the all the fat renders out and all thats left is a flavorless chewy piece of protein.  Im going to try using frozen foie and sticking it in at the very last possible moment.  I am determined to make these things successful.  I mean who else makes a foie yaki???

and then we tried to do a tapas type dinner.  Meatballs in a tomato onion sauce, shrimp in sherry, octopus with garlic and smoked paprika. some conservas...

pickled peppers

We really should have smuggled more of these from barcelona.  They are delish!!!

and these are the cheapie ones that are a few euro each.  Still tastier than any canned shellfish found in the states!

and this will always be a staple in the fridge.  Garlic confit.  I use it in everything now!  Or just use the oil for stir frying and flavoring.  Sooo versatile.

 and I finally used my pasta maker to make some tomato pasta.  So good!!!  see the whole pieces of garlic?  They are tender and not pungent at all. 

and what do you do with duck liver pate?  Put it into the hemisphere molds...

and freeze.   Ill show you what we are making in a later post.

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