Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bought an Omega juicer.  Same as Susan's.  Then I bought a shit ton of veggies and fruits

so fun to use!

been drinking a few cups of juice every day for the past week.  Its amazing how much you ummm go potty when you drink a ton of juice.

getting better at figuring out how to prep my items so I dont have to carry as much down with me to use the wok stove.

and one day I will buy a metal cart or something to make cooking on it even easier.  

These wok carts are over $3000 dollars!!!

My stove cost $44 dollars

and I can just get one of these for $99 bucks and seriously would it be any less awesome???


Sue Lee has been making a lot of kimchee lately.  She gave me a jar of radish kimchee which I quickly devoured.  I had some boiled eggs and had a thought.  Since I love pickled eggs what would this taste like??

after three days of pickling they had a slight kimchee flavor but the texture was pretty much the same.  I think I would need to leave it for a much longer time and with more kimchee juice to get a good pickle.  Ill have to try it again.

Theres a place near us that serves seared fish on top of sprouts and onions on a sizzling pan.  I tried to replicate the flavors at home.  Turns out it was super easy to do.  Take 1 part mirin to 3 parts soy. In a super duper hot smoking pan sautee some onions and then sprouts.  Let cook for a minute.  then add the soy and mirin mixture.  Serve your fish on top of the mixture.  Add peas and green onions if you want.  I have to find my moms cast iron hotplates so I can make it that way at home.  Love it when they sizzle at the table.  

Amina doesnt like sweet with meat so I just gave her regular style with brussel sprouts.

 I love avocados and I love smoked salmon.  My roll was a bit on the pudgy side.  hahaha!

so I want to see if I can sprout an avocado seed. 

couldnt find toothpicks at work so I did this

Grow you summabitch grow!!!!

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