Wednesday, May 15, 2013

theres so much wild fennel across the street from Aminas work.  pick some.

and use some veggies we got from the farmers market.  Look baby carrots and some sort of choy flowers.

sautee up some chestnuts and shallots and add some cream

wizz it in the blender until smooth and velvety.

get my proteins ready 

cook the guinea hen for a few hours 

take my guinea hen stock and reduce to a thick sauce

and set aside until dinner time

take my soy lecithin

wizz it with some dashi and other spices to make foam

take my tapioca maltodextrin and wizz that up with some truffle oil to make truffle powder

guinea hen is cooked throughout at medium

finish it up in some hot oil to add crispy skin and flavor

might as well deep fry some other crap like duck skin and chestnut slivers 

and dinner is served.  a country pate on top of home made mustard and served with wood sorrel flowers from our front yard!

a seafood salad lots of shellfish, a dashi foam, and truffle powder.  The flowers are nasturtium petals from our neighbors yard.  I stole a flower sue me.

and guinea hen with baby carrots, chestnut puree, and guinea hen gravy.  Yum-O!!!

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