Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So I got super lucky and won an auction on Ebay for a pressure fryer.  This thing weighs 250 pounds and was pretty difficult getting in and out of the car by myself.  It was super cheap and brand new.  Just really dusty.

I cleaned that badboy off with some cleaner and then sanitized it with some diluted bleach.

It was wired for 220Volt so I had to make some adjustments and got it working.  Also plumbed it to work off of a barbeque propane tank.  Awesome theres the fire observation hole.  

First batch of chicken

  You need around 7 pounds of chicken to get enough steam to pressure fry

thats a lot of legs

All locked in and timer set.
 Also use it to fry tortilla chips 

I love this machine!!!!

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