Tuesday, July 23, 2013

being fed by others.
So we tried Cocotte in SF.  Not that good but a cute SF place to eat.  wine poached egg and bone marrow. Everything was overdressed.

Pork belly lardons and quail eggs on a frisee salad.  Again overdressed.

only thing good was the dip for the bread.  Some sort of olive tapenade. 

a cocotte with veggies

and their signature dish their rotisserie chicken.  The chicken was pretty good.

and the duck confit was pretty good too.  Again overdressed shit on top.  Whats with all the frisee??

and then Lester has been inviting us over for home cooked meals.  He makes good food.  Bakes good stuff!
Goat cheese and onion tart is delish!

a seafood stew delish!

then another day he made us this crazy thing filled with cheese and radichio

and olive chicken.  MmMMmMmm

 and Aminas relatives always do their bday lunches at Broadway Prime.  Its funny eating prime rib and chinese food together.

pork skin with my creamed corn and spinach haha!

 We love Japanese food!  Heres the meal from a new izakaya place near our house.  Oysters, chicken karaage

beef tataki

squid legs

whole squid

miso cod

pork jowel

chicken wings

this place has asahi on draft!  It comes out soo osmooth and creamy its delish!!!

 and then theres izakaya roku.  I love tako wasabi

and beef heart

and their chicken wings

and these huge clams

these shrimp suck.  I mean its like frozen shrimp u get from sizzler and shit

the wings are awesome because they remove the second bone.

hi boo!

finish with some ramen.

Then theres vietnamese.... or is it cambodian?  Hu Tieu Nam Vang in SJ mmmm

comed with broth and pork neck meat

and fried chicken from Frisco Fried in SF.  Might be the best fried chicken in SF!!!

FAmily banquet for a cousins kids birthday.  Geoduck

assorted meats like jellyfish, baby octopus and ham hocks

imitiation sharkfin soup

honey walnut prawns

duck and baos


whole fish


fried rice

fried noodles

and that crappy red bean dessert u get.

 the competition.  SUCKS!!!
 GReasy ass fried chicken.

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