Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian stuff

I tried making my own korean pickle banchan.  It was okay.

 My mom gave me big ol container of her new batch of kimchee.  
Its sooo good.  We need to start mama Lee's kimchee co.

I made some mabo tofu 

 and we did the 3 items for $19.99 again from Golden Wok in SF.  Its not great but its pretty good!
Mongo beef and eggplant dish

 Along with my mabo tofu and a deep fried flounder dish

Eat it with leftover green onion pancake and my home made kimchees

makes for a fatty ass meal 

I always try and make Asian stuff.  Amina likes to make more Euro dishes.

 SF is pretty Asian.... 
this old train passed by... then he stopped and asked if I wanted a ride.
I said SURE!

 I was the only one on the train!!!  fun!

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