Monday, December 19, 2011

Got our first shipment of pork products.  Thanks Sue and Matt!!!
Two more months to come!!!

Had a craving for pickles.  I ate 4 of these while making dinner.

Made korean spicy chicken stew.  Trying a sample before feeding the Amina bear

Loaded up the tray and took it into the office/spare bedroom

Because Amina was glued to the computer watching 'Revenge' 

next mornin made breakfast

Its been a while since I had a whitey breakfast

be super careful when deep frying brussel sprouts!!!  
these were delicious and crunchy.  A little burnt but still tasty!

What kinda skewers are those?
Chicken skin!!!  They were so good.

Also had chicken gizzard and heart skewers which were also tasty mmm

Say hello to our new family member!!!

We named her Zoila.  Shes not lazy.

YAY FOR SALES!!! we just bought this...

Which is 2 in 1

 It was the last one in stock and had a chip... so we got an extra 25% off!

and after three coats of Aminas 'Slutty Red' colored enamel nail polish all better!!!!

Now the big pots have cousins!!!

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