Thursday, December 1, 2011

Screwing around at home

Got drunk one night at happy hour and then Amina and I went and bought this on our way home.
I cant believe they have 6 different types of sauces!!!

Still making breakfast sammys in the morning because Amina takes way too long to get ready for work.  Got 15 minutes to kill?  Make a sandwich.  

We found a chinese delivery place that does 3 items for $19.99.  We got some tofu and chicken thingie

Salt and Pepper pork chops!

And walnut prawns!!!  All for 20 bucks!!!  F-YEAH!!!

Thanksgiving dinner prep.  Making the roadhouse onions and bacon and caramelized onions for the shitstorm of food we are about to make and eat.

We had some friends over for a pre Thanksgiving dinner.  I forgot to take pictures of any of the food!!!
Ughhh stupid stupid stupid!!!

So my brother in law Matt and I are totally into big ass ice cubes now.
So big they almost dont fit!

 Bought these trays off of amazon.

Making Korean pickles at home

Throw in salty garlicy water and let sit in the fridge for two weeks

I had a hankerin for some sort of SouthEast Asian noodle soup so I made this crap.  

went for another bowl because it tasted so goddamn good.  

We used Aminas Paella pan!  It really works well.

We still make it too dry.  Amina next time more liquid!!! Oh yeah we finished all this just the two of us =(

Check out the roast duck head from Cheung Hing.  These cheap bastards gave us a big ass head and a bunch of necks!!  We totally got jipped this time which is odd because they usually hook us up.

Doesnt matter I'll eat it.  Look BRAIN!!!  I eated it.

The best way to eat pomegranates?   At work so you dont have to work about the goddamn mess.

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