Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Porky goodness

Delfinas Pork Sugo 
Attempt 1.0

Some pork butt and spareribs

Cut down the veggies and cut the pork into manageable sizes

heavy bottom pot

getting close to overcrowding!!!

but the meat browned nicely

remove the pork and then cook all the veggies and herbs and deglaze with wine

Reduce by half and then add the meat back along with other crap

in the oven for two hours and then the fridge overnight!!!!
 Day 2 warm up the pot

remove the meat.  It was so tender I kept breaking everything up

blend the veggies and stock, reduce until thick

add the broken up pork back in and simmer for a little while

and stupid david forgets to take pictures of the final pappardelle dish.
but you fry this in some butter and then add your noodles to finish cooking in the sauce.

Pretty good but I think I didnt reduce enough.  Will try again someday when I have two days to kill.

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