Monday, August 6, 2012

Remembering Mom by using the stuff I stole from her house

The SoyLove

Yup a soymilk maker

 crazy contraption instructions are all in korean!!!

so I googled that beyotch and found a site that had instructions in Engrish

Soy beans and press I bought

weigh out the dried beans straight from bag

measure out the water

run the machine for 30 minutes and you get this crap.  Light soy milk

At this point you can drink it or you can add this... Nigari a coagulant

add it in gently

it forms curds 

strain it into your press

add the top and weigh it down

you get tofu.  This batch turned out crappy.  The machine is good for soy milk but not so good for tofu.  Lets try it again but the manual way.

take soybeans that have been soaked for 14 hours

this is 6oz of soybeans soaked

Puree them beans with some water

I forgot to take a picture of me boiling the puree but afterward you strain it

gather up the mesh

squeeeeze out all that hot milk

pour a little more water into the lees

and squeeeze that ish again.  This is what you have left

Koreans love this stuff, we make a dish called BEEJEE!!!

so heres the milk.  Simmer it for 6 minutes

let it rest for 2 minutes and then add the nigari in three batches.  Look at that stuff curdle

Let it sit for a few minutes

ladle the curds into the press.  The whey will fall out the press... save this stuff!

weigh it down.  Look Im using the saved whey.  Weighing it with whey.  Hey!!!

So this is what you get with 6oz of soybeans.  a buttload of LEES yes the leftover ground up beans are called lees.  You got the whey that is chock full of nutrients and has a strange yet pleasing flavor.  And you have the shorty block of tofu.  Next time I use the smaller press and make a block that resembles a block.  Not some janky tofu.   Nothing goes to waste.  The Cheapie in me loves this

Coming up we make a dish with the tofu.  Stay tuned.

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