Friday, December 21, 2012

So the last bag of Korean pepper flakes I bought are pretty mild.  To fix this I think Im going to mix it with the last batch of pepper flakes I took from moms which is hot enough to fry your  duodenum.  I mean look how much I had to use to get the heat I wanted.  The kimchee is soooo red.  Pretty though.

made ankimo at home again.  This time I really soaked the livers and squeezed out as much blood as possible.  The result was awesome.  No fishy taste at all just creamy ocean deliciousness.  Mmmm...

made some burdock for fiber

served up the kimchee which is juuuust starting to sour

and made smoked salmon ochazuke.  Smoked the salmon in my stovetop smoker with alder wood, fried up some baby anchovies and sevied with the standard ochazuke fixings.  I am really digging this stuff during winter.

I abuse my body.  Look at this 2 pound breakfast burrito.  I WILL NOT eat this again.  

and on the same day my coworker baked me apple and chocolate scones =(  Why must I be such a fatty.

That there toilet in the parking lot at work looks mighty fine.

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