Monday, December 3, 2012

unconventional Thanksgiving
This is how I prepared dinner at home this year.  A bit modernist.

Sous vide pork belly and turkey

This is just some of the turkey.  I broke it down and cooked the legs, thighs, and wings the day before.  Cooked the breasts the day of.  Finished each piece differently.  

and heres how I presented dinner.  I lined the table with foil and then parchment to create a waterproof lining.  Then I threw everything on the table.  Pick and eat. Heres some of the items.  Turkey all sous vide.  Breast finished in the oven under a broiler to crisp up the skin.  Legs and wings deep fried.  Thighs used in turkey pot pies.  Bone marrow with parsley salad.  Brined and sous vide pork belly on skewers with a pineable sauce.  Stuffing in chinese take out containers.  a mish mash of garnishes and sides.

Heres a pic with everything.  There were sweetbreads on toothpicks, assortments of pickles to cut the fat, cubes of cranberry, garlic confit with bread, mashed potatoes, etc.... Was fun!!! just pick up and eat!


  1. I like the idea of just putting everything on a table.

    1. Best part is there arent as many dishes to do at the end of the night.