Monday, December 10, 2012

what if you want to sous vide something small?  Or cook in a poaching liquid or butter? I love my immersion circulators but they are kinda big and noisy.  Awesome if youre cooking a whole lotta stuff but overkill for small items.  This is where the Dorkfood Sous Video unit comes in handy.  At $100 bucks on Amazon its a pretty good deal. 

Heres the unit

take a crock pot, rice cooker, or in this case a deep fryer

plug it into the dorkfoods plug (yes its really from a company called dork-food)

set the temperature you want and put the temperature probe into the pot.

The dorkfood will turn on/off the electricity to the pot to maintain the set temperature.  Too hot turns off too cold turns on.  Only real disadvantage is that theres no pump stirring up the water so there may be hot/cold spots within the pot.  I took a spoon and stirred the pot every 10 minutes or so just to see how eggs would cook.  First thing... the thermostat is about 4 degrees F off.  I adjusted to the correct temp to get 62 degree C eggs.  After an hour I tested and they cooked beautifully.  I forgot to take pictures will do later.

and then theres this... I bought this for my mom a while back when I was visiting Korea.  

You crank the handle 

which turns a series of circular blades inside.  Whats it for?  Ill show you tomorrow after I take some pictures of it in use.  Stay tuned!!!

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