Monday, February 6, 2012


 This is how I make the perfect bowl of ramen
after you put the noodles in stab it with chopsticks so that they stick straight up

when the noodles soften and the chopsticks fall

poke the noodles and spread them a little so the water can get in between each row.  Not too much!!! just spread them like an inch or so.  

then you can unroll the noodles.  See what i mean?  They are folded into a square with multiple layers! This is also when you throw an egg into the empty space next to the brick.  Dont touch the egg at all!!!!  Let it sit and cook in the corner.

and if youre extra careful you can unfold it again to a single layer of ramen.
Anyways at this point you just stir the noodles and wait until they are al dente.  They should be almost TOO al dente because by the time you put it into a bowl, walk to the living room, get a glass of water and a napkin, and kimchee, another minute or two has past and then bam your shits soggy.  Booo on that shit!
If youre smarter than a toad you will have gotten all this shit ready while the water was coming to boil.

Weve been trying to eat more salmon lately.  

This guy must have felt stupid.

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