Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tried the new Shin Ramen Black.

Comes with veggies and beef pack, hot powder much like the original hot powder, and some lighter white colored powder that makes the soup creamy and I dunno... shitty



eat.  No Bueno.  Its okay but I prefer the original.  I heard they even stopped making them in Korea.

Bought two live uni.  They are HUGE 2 pounds each

Lots of roe inside.

tasted pretty good but different.  I think these were TOO big.  Need smaller ones next time

made jook for me and Ms Booty.   Mine has egg

hers had poo egg

and some fried rice.  I love our wok

with kimchee soup and tiny fried anchovies

and then random shit.  The squid conservas arent that good  =(

I got my awesome torch.  Flame on!!!

Breakfast at work

went to a kids bday party and had a ton of fried chicken.  mmm

random crap.  coworker wanted to go to Gordon biersch so we got these stupid southwest egg rolls

and fish and chips =/

oh yeah the 1 year old kids bday with the fried chicken had this crazy cake!!! haha!

and I eat jook and dim sum at work

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