Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our trip to Suckland aka Canadia

Here we are at the ferry station in Tsawassan waiting for the ferry.

Here we are parked inside the big ol boat

Heres our view

theres a stupid ship going the opposite direction

here we are in our hotel room in Victoria.

Theres a girl in the tub!

two bathrooms

two fireplaces

two cocktails

dozen oysters aka buck-a-shuck. god I take shitty pictures

then we went to a tapas place.  ummm some sort of terrine

pretty damn good food pork belly and scallop

 beef cheeks


some beignet type balls

after dinner we went to a grocery store to buy some booze

fail- they only sell liquor at liquor stores duhhh forgot!!!  

The smallest chinatown ive ever seen.  Seriously it was whack!

and the food SUCKED.

some stupid castle

some stupid sea

some stupid snow

one of my favorite activities is going to malls.... not to shop.... for the food courts.

some stupid government building

I cant even tell what this is but I think it was boulleabaise

I think this....

is this.  With flash!

and my lamb chops and raviolli thing

some stupid statue at our hotel

our hotel lobby

some stupid snacks we got for our hotel

and back to vancouver!!!

FUCK ME 3 hour delay!!!! so we drink wine in the car

finally get to Vancouver and have NO TIME TO DO SHIT.  So we eat fast food


was pretty good

and the suck part.  By the time we returned the rental and got to the kiosk to print our boarding passes it was 6:05.  Uniteds system shut off at 6:00.  No one was around to help us.  We couldnt get our boarding passes even though we had checked in online earlier in the day.  NOTHING COULD BE DONE.  
We sat on the phone with United watching the minutes click away until we knew for certain we were going to miss our flight.  The entire time the guy on the phone kept telling me "sir youre already checked in just go to the kiosk and print your boarding passes.  If that doesnt work then go talk to an agent"  I must have told him 10 times there was no one at the United front desk.  The lights were off and they all bailed at 6 sharp!!!

anyhow after two hours of this bullshit we finally got scheduled on a flight... for the next day.  So we headed back to Vancouver.  We left Victoria at 10am got to the Ferry station at 1030... waited until 130 for a Ferry.  Got into Vancouver at 4:15pm due to traffic.  Walked around for 45 minutes and ate Japadog and then headed to the airport.  Missed our flight.  Left the airport at 8 someting.  Got to the hotel at 9pm.

It was pretty outside the hotel

then at 930 we went to dinner

our favorite place in Vancouver Guu

beef tongue and tako wasabi sooo f'in good

oysters swimming in some sort of mayo cheesey goodness

amaebi and rice/fish egg soupy stuff

thats a picture of my finger but it looks like butt cheeks

pork cheeks

salmon stuff and our amaebi heads fried


my Kokanee beer

fried oysters

all done

and the next day we are back at the airport with plenty of time to spare... but wait they dont have us scheduled on that flight!!! FUCK YOU!!!! so they do some digging and we barely get things straightened out.  Just to see this BS.

but the flight left on time.  And we made it to work

FUCK YOU CANADA.  jk fuck you UNITED!!! AND Vancouver international airport!!!!!

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