Monday, February 6, 2012

make it happen!

Box of parts arrived!

draw out where the holes will go

cut em out with a dremel tool

 Shave off the sides of the mug heaters so theyre smooth

and can fit into the holes
 Getting there!  Cut the openings for the brain of the system and the switch

keep everything neat inside

All three heaters installed

Stupid me bought a weak 12v dc switch and it fried!  went out and bought a beefier 125v ac switch

and got it up and running!

doing a test run with some eggs

cute little thing

still looks nice and neat inside

you can cook anything to any temperature you want with 0.1 degree accuracy.

new design setup with a big ol tub that should fit a ton of meat and stuff
Still not done with the design.  I dont like the tub lid.  Will update later.
Still dont know what it is?  Its am immersion circulator for cooking sous vide method.  
Those are mug heaters that are controlled by the brain to make the water temperature whatever you want it to be.  The water pump circulates the water around so the entire bath stays the same temperature and there arent hot or cold spots.  
You put a vacuum sealed steak in the tub of hot water and set it to 130 degrees and it will never go past 130 degrees for a perfectly cooked steak no matter how long you leave it in there.  Cook anything to the exact temperature its supposed to be cooked.   

Similar commercial units cost thousands.  This one cost me $90 bucks to make.  Instructions here.

Go make one!!!!

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