Monday, March 26, 2012

The other day I boiled some eggs while getting ready for work. 
 and usually for work I make em hard boiled.  But that day I didnt boil long enough and had a pleasant breakfast at work. 
 Also brought some Korean corn to munch on.  I found out that this is FEED GRADE corn!  and I guess Koreans developed a taste for this crap.  Its sooo chewy.
 My stash of food at work just in case theres a zombie attack and I am stuck here CARBS!
 funny label on bread
 some skrimp we had at Bocadillos.  Overcooked and SALTY but big ass shrimp
 last night we had cioppino.  It was okay
 I tried making bread but all I got was this fucking dense ass rock like thing
 but we still toasted it up and ate it with dinner
 Amina made easter eggs.

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