Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makin Bacon
Followed the recipe from my Charcuterie book
Bought some pink salt and made my basic cure (Salt, Sugar, Pink Salt)
Rub it in!!! These are three thick hunks of black pig belly
 throw it in the fridge and flip every two days.  Look how much liquid the salt draws out.  7 days total.

after 7 days take out and rinse thoroughly, dry, and smoke
Then bake at 200 degrees until 150 inside
 getting there
 and done!
 slice that shit up and fry!
 mmmm bacon.  I shall be makin my own bacon from now on.  Ciao!

More pics for my brother.

This was the last slab I made.  Salted and in the ziploc!  Cure for 7 days
 get the smoker ready with some hickory
 and rinse off the slab of meat and put it in!!!
 put on medium high heat
 until you see smoke start to come out the crack.  Then close the lid and put on low.
 after about 30 minutes there will be no more smoke.

Thats when you bake that crap at 200 degrees until middle hits 150.  I cut it in two
 cut off the skin and save it for flavoring stock or to fry into cracklins
 cut the odd bits into lardons

pack and give to a friend!

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