Monday, March 12, 2012

Second birthday Feast.
Aminas present
We went to La Folie which was pretty good.  LOTS OF FOIE!!!  Maybe too much foie for me that night. =O

we forgot to take pics of a lot of dishes so I stole some from the internet.
Forgot to take pics of the first amuse bouche 
There was this egg thingie with garlicy soup and yolk inside.  
 There was another amusey thingie that cam out but i cant remember what it was
then our first courses came out  Amina had the foie soup which came with a big ol piece of seared foie
 I had the foie torchon and that shit was an inch and half thick!!!

Then Amina had a scallop with another whole piece of seared foie on top!!!  no pic
 and I had lobster tail
 Then I had the piggie terrine thingie filled with delicious pork sweet bread and lobster  best dish of the night

 Amina had the snails in bone marrow.  Did not taste that great =(
 I had the squab and pigeon entree
 Amina had the lamb

We are missing a pic of cod that came out

And then we had the cheese platter at the end.  And one of the cheeses was so barnyardy I couldnt eat it =(
  and somewhere in there was another amusey bouchey thingie but I cant remember
and lastly petit fours
I like that you can build your own tasting menu like at Danko
 both are similary priced.  I prefer Danko though.
the End

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