Monday, February 18, 2013

 Made Chawanmushi again the other day.  This time I loaded that shit up!
 Scallops seen here.  Also inside mushrooms, tobiko, green onions, mitsuba, and soy beans
 Soft boiled quail egg.  Surprise!!! 

Chawan Mushi-basic recipe
1 Part egg beaten well
3 parts dashi minus a tablespoon
tablespoon sake (if you dont use sake just do 3 parts dashi)
your choice of whatever you want to throw in there.  Typical ingredients are shrimp, chicken, ginko nut, etc....  go crazy!!!! 
Put in container and either lid or saran wrap.
Steam for 20 minutes or until set.  
dont cook too hot otherwise the egg and dashi will seperate.

Also made some rice puffs.  Cook rice til its super goopy like porridge, dehydrate on a sheet, and deep fry until it PUFFS!  For some reason puffs seem to be a hip thing at restaurants these days.

 Also playing with my outdoor wok setup more.

I love my wok!  Definitely has the wok-hei flavor

 And heres Doobie my sisters dog.  Poor guy looks so sad.  His sister Jessie passed away last week.  =(