Monday, February 25, 2013

Okay more pics... continuation from the post below.  more marketplaces

this ones a lot smaller than the big boqueria

look at those delicious mushrooms.  LOOK AT THEM!!!

this bag confuses me.  you put sanitary towels into the bag and then the bag into the toilet.  gross

eating some more 

mushrooms and asparagus.  Probably the only fiber we had on the meal.  HA!!! seriously barcelona you need to eat more veggies!

white sausage

more bread with tomatoe

more baby cuttlefish

look how smart i am.  I took bread, sausage, and mushroom for a single bite of delicious.

more razor clams

cod. mmmm mm mmmm so good.

this was good.  Steak and peppers

this razor clam was way too big.  was too afraid to eat it.  but we did ha!  stupid clam is in my stomach now

steak was good so we got some more

and then we cut into a huge vein boo!!!

amina never lets me eat baguette in bed at home.

crumbs on the motherf'in bed thats why! gross

i had a shitty ham sandwich which was just ham and bread.  word of advice if you go to a churro shop dont order anything other than churros.

other meats. mmmm

lots of prepared dishes to nosh on in the market

i wish we had delicious ham here

lots of ducks

that paella pan is big enough to cook Amina in!

and we ate some more 

got a shwarma

and ate more shin bowls

yeah one can eat only so much seafood smothered in olive oil before hitting a wall.

these Vegans were marching.  It was sad everyone laughed at them.  How you not gonna eat ham in spain??

yes we had hit a pretty big wall of seafood and olive oil. 

the mcdonalds sells macarons mmmm

point and pick fresh seafood to eat at your table

doing the touristy thing

eating more cured meats at the hotel

and the desire to eat something other than seafood takes us here.

which sucked so freaking hard.  What a waste of a meal  So disgusting.

seriously bad chinese food in barcelona.

so back to the seafood it is!  octopus smothered in olive oil mmm sooo good

more big ass shrimps

more juices

more hairy ham

this bathroom

was funny

and the nespresso stores are huuuuge

and pretty

oh look we have ONE picture of us together.

and we went back to cal pep.  Clams


bread with tomato

squid and beans again

steak and potatoes

monfish and potatos

and then we moved hotels.  Why?  Because genius Amina miscounted the number of nights we were staying in Barcelona.  hahaha smooth move dear.

but this hotel was wayyy nicer and cleaner

and theres that noodle bowl we had sitting around

this one came with a sweet ass fork

and the bathroom was ummm awesome

 and we go grocery shopping again for souvenirs

ice cream comes in these cute styrofoam containers.  


more meat

more meat

more more meat

endless meat

seriously half the store is meat

my god does it end?


and we are back to catalana cervezeria.  I think we ate here THREE TIMES!!!



shrimp and scallop


asparagus, mushrooms, and deliciousness

and finally some good foie.  We had a few of these

when you order fernet in spain....

they pour you a wine glass size

more foie!

 some grasshopper at SFO

and our souveniers

these come in handy for tapas parties

a few bags of jamon chips for friends
Thats about it for these pictures!!!
Next pictures of our best dinner whilst in Barcelona.

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